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The curriculum here at Big Break Jiu Jitsu emphasizes every aspect of our students’ intellectual growth and personal development. We believe that the joy of discovery and learning at school is best experienced with the thoughtful guidance of a qualified teacher. Here's a look at the classes being offered now at Big Break Jiu Jitsu.


Start Excelling

This class focuses primarily on coordination and confidence building. Children will learn how to move properly on the mat in order to reduce injury while training as well as day to day play with their friends at school. Drills will include rolls, break falls as well as body weight exercises designed to improve overall fitness and strength as well as develop coordination to learn proper technique in Jiu-jistu. These techniques are presented in a lighthearted and playful manner with the goal of having fun and developing confidence.  Kids will also learn how to deal with bullies and other hardships . This age group also begins preparation for tournaments if there is a desire to compete.



A New Way Of Learning

Dive right into this class, a rewarding class for any skill level. Rather than just listening, memorizing, and repeating information,  students get to discover, analyze, and use the facts presented to them, spurring their curiosity and allowing them to learn by doing and exploring.



We get it joining a gym or starting a new sport can be intimidating, especially in a male dominated sport. We're here to help because we believe that everyone should learn valuable self defense systems no matter what.  

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